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Working in the community for the children in Lewisham Borough

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Welcome Childminder and Parents looking for or using a childminders service, DID YOU KNOW.....................

Childminders are inspected by Ofsted same as any other Early Years Setting (Nusaries, Pre-schools, After school care) and are graded exactly the same.

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If you are looking for a Childminder within the borough of Lewisham or a childminder wanting to advertise your vacancies, please go to the Lewisham Council Website by clicking on the following link 


The childcare element of tax credit is still paid to a parent when they are on maternity leave for their children that are already attending childcare settings, enables them to pay their childcare provider/s preventing them from losing the space/s whilst their new baby is born. (correct April 2013)  


50% of your LCA committee settings are graded Outstanding by Ofsted, this is way above the national average.  


Ofsted has moved to a new office in Manchester. The new address is Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD   Phone Number remains unchanged 0300 123 1231  

Childminders - Don't forget to review your policies, procedures and the information you give to parents to ensure that they include the correct contact details for Ofsted. (The law requires providers on the Early Years Register to provide certain information for parents including details for contacting Ofsted and an explanation that parents can make a complaint to Ofsted should they wish. In addition, providers on the Childcare Register must provide parents with Ofsted's address) 



You can down load a full list of what you do regarding infection control - including exclusion times from:-



There are lots of free things to do with children during the day at home and on outings; some are now listed on this site. Please follow the links by double clicking on this line and scroll down the page until you get to Websites. Use these links to get some wonderful ideas ..............Have Fun With Your Children


Childminders are Childcare Professional and require qualifications, training, skills and knowledge The Early Years Foundation Stage states “Adults looking after children must have appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge”. The Borough of Lewisham has required Childminders seeking registration status to attend their recognised training courses prior to registration, including paediatric and safegurding children.  As Childcare Professionals Ofsted asks all Early Years Settings to complete an Early Years Self-Evaluation Form, as a working document (keeping it updated).


During the process of on-going self-evaluation personal training needs for childcare professional will be identified. Childminders are responsible for their own personal development as required under legislation, no different to any other children’s educational setting Schools, Nurseries etc. Ofsted will require evidence of on-going personal development during inspections and the following are just some of the places training can be obtained from:-



TRAINING PROVIDERS - The list below contains know providers, to help you develop your own personal training program. If you can personally recommend any others we would be interested in hearing from you.    


Continuous Professional Development


Lewisham Early Years Improvement Team – A copy of their full program can be obtained from The Administrative Officer, 3rd Floor Laurence House, Catford, SE6 4RU or by emailing or by calling 020 8314 3755  - Booking and fees are required in advance, spaces are limited


Bunbury Training Project – A copy of their full program can be obtained from visiting their website or write to them at Bunbury Project, The Old Coach House, Rosenthal Road, London SE6 2BY or email at or call Linda Samuels on 07852959836



SAFEGUARDING TRAINING - COMMON ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK/TEAM AROUND THE CHILD/FAMILY TRAINING PROGRAMME -   The Early Intervention Service supports practitioners with the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and the Team Around the Child/Family (TAC/F) process.


They are offering multi-agency training, this will give you a good working knowlage of how to use the Common Assessment Framework and how to support children, young people and families in the Team Around the Child/Family process. Family Support Team Manager on 020 8314 8073 or the helpdesk on 0208 314 6070  


For more information click on the following link


Safeguarding Children and Health and Safety training – PSLA, Lynn Attoe, Tel: 020 8695 5955, Email:


Safeguarding Children training – Lewisham Safeguarding Children Board, Kaleidoscope, 32 Rushey Green, Catford, SE6 4JF, Tel: 020 3049 1446,




Paediatric First Aid Training Courses are available from a variety of companies please insure you book onto a recognised paediatric course for childminders that complies with the requirements ask for by Ofsted. The following courses do:-


PSLA First Aid Training – Call 020 8695 5955 or Email 


North Downham Training Project – Paediatric First Aid Training - Have a rolling program of courses, for full details contact them on 020 8698 7436 or email them at


High Q Training Services Ltd - Two Day First  Aid Paediatric (Ofsted) Course – call 0792 0448712 or email them at or



Food Hygiene Training - Courses are available from a variety of companies accessed on line, this is one of them:-


Virtual College – Email Tel: 01943 605 976


North Downham Training Project - Tel: 020 8698 7436 Email


Alternative day course providers – A wide variety of courses are available to meet your training needs, check them out especially if you are an experienced childminder


Early Education Website – Email – Tel: 020 7539 5400


The Institute of Education Website – Email – Tel: 020 7612 6589/6987


Lewisham Collage - Course enquiries: 0800 834 545 General enquiries: 020 8692 0353 Email Address: Postal Address: Lewisham College, Lewisham Way, London, SE4 1UT


The Open University –



Childminders are required to deliver the EYFS when working with children up to the September after their 5th Birthday

Many childminders are open during school holidays and offer a wide variety of activities and outings, supporting the children’s education, development and interests.  

As Educators, Childminders are required to carry out observations, develop individual learning plans within the EY curriculum for each child, carry out progress and planning meetings with parents/carers and transition reports for other childcare settings including primary schools.

Childminders are required to work in partnership with parents/carers and other childcare professionals

Childminders are required to carry out risk assessments and health and safety checks within their settings and for outings

Childminders that offer food are required to provide a nutritious, multi-cultural balanced diet

Childminders have to practice positive inclusion, meet each child’s individual needs and the needs of their families. This can include anything from supporting a child’s insulin dependence, having a translator for a non-English speaking family and working with children with additional needs.        

Childminders are the only group of day care childcare providers that can and do work with children from birth to 16/18years, providing continuity of care and support throughout their entire educational and physical development

Childminders regularly support the wellbeing of the child’s whole family.

Childminders can be registered for overnight care 

Childminders are requiered to hold a paediatric first aid certification

Many childminders are qualified in Child Development, some have degrees and some are trained in Montessori and other alternative education

Childminders are required to do regular training for professional development

Many childminders take children to out of school activities to support their interests and development  

Many childminders attend their childminded families celebrations and embrace these events within their setting, promoting the child's wellbeing. 

LCA are committed to:

"The welfare of children is paramount"

Giving advice to parents as well as Ofsted registered childminders living and working within the borough.

Our team has years of experience and a wealth of expertise to draw upon.

Our help and support is confidential for both childminders and parents.

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